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Dentistry's Optimal Model Of Health
Disrupting The Current Structure Of Dentistry

This webinar was designed to show you the 5 key principles that have taken our students to the successful dental practices they have always desired. How to free yourself from the constraints of dental insurance and pay off your student debt and live a meaningful and balanced life.


Daniel O'Rourke, Optimal Model Of Health Expert & Consultant

About Dan

Dan O'Rourke is a highly experienced educator who is an expert at helping Dental Professionals learn and implement Dentistry's Optimal Model Of Health in their practices.

Dan has been trained by the worlds best Dental Professionals and Business Gurus including Pete Dawson, Charles Wold, Mike Schuster, Bob Proctor, Russel Brunson & many many more. Dan has deep expertise across the entire Optimal Model spectrum from the Critical 5 Key Principles, the Optimal Health Model, Practice Implementation, Sales, Team Building, Scaling Your Business and Living a Balanced and Meaningful Life.

Dan has helped hundreds of Dentists and Dental Professionals gain the necessary skills and confidence they need to create, build, and grow profitable Dental Practice. Dan has been featured on numerous business and dental podcasts and published multiple articles on the subject of Dentistry's Health Model. He has lectured both national and internationally and has been a key opinion leader for many dental companies.

Dan started his journey to entrepreneurship by building a nationally known boutique dental laboratory specializing in Dentistry's Optimal Model Of Health. Realizing he had been given a gift and desire for teaching Dan knew it was time in his life to start giving back and sharing his message. After spending nearly two decades as a faculty member at OBI Dan Co- Founded and Co- Directed his own teaching Center with two business partners for 5 years. Having the vision to change dentistry on a larger scale took Dan away from the Center to be able to for fill his dream and now he is the Founder and CEO of Dentistry's Optimal Model Of Health, the only online dental education program of it's kind in the world.



Learn The Power Of The Optimal Model Of Health

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