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Personal Things About Dan

  • He has been married to his wife Joy for 33 years
  • He is the father of two wonderful children Hilary and Daniel
  • He loves to fly fish and golf
  • He believes that everyone is unique and wants to motivate them to reach their true potential
  • He loves to travel and see new places & people
  • He loves to enjoy wine & food with friends & family

Meet Dan O'Rourke

Dan is a Dentistry's Optimal Model Of health expert & Master Coach. He has spent nearly two decades mastering the Optimal Model Of Health and knows how to bring the best out in people and their practices.

He has been trained to mastery levels by educators all over the world in the following areas:

  • Dentistry: How to master Dentistry's Optimal Model Of Health and implement it into your practice
  • Airway: Why it is a must to understand each patients airway as part of a diagnosis
  • TMJ: How to treat patients who suffer from TMJ with incredible success
  • Muscles: How to relate the importance of the muscles involved in the dental system
  • Nerves: How to better understand the importance the nerves play in the overall harmony of the chewing system
  • Tooth Morphology: How to build a deeper understanding of what the dental model of health looks like and the importance of the teeth and how they relate to each other
  • Dental Sales: How to story sell and get yeses from patients who want what you have to offer
  • Mindset: How to build a mindset for success to be the best "you" you can be and overcome perfectionism, procrastination, fear of success, & fear of failure
  • Message: How to define who you serve, why you serve them and your story
  • Leveraging: How to build a dynamic team around you allowing you balance in your life
  • Scaling: How to grow your practice at the pace you desire

Meet Joy O'Rourke

Joy O'Rourke is our Dentistry's Optimal Model Of Health Director of Administration. She manages all of our online community that just hit over 5,000 in followers.

She also welcomes all the new Students into our programs and makes sure that they have access to our video material, the coaching calls.

Joy also helps with all our Social Media and makes sure all the value we are creating is shared out onto Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, & Twitter.

Aside from our business, Joy Love to golf, fly fish and the great outdoors. She also is an accomplished artist and loves to be in her studio.

But most of all, Joy does everything she does out of love for her Family. Learn more about Joy here.


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Whether or not you learn from me. Or you learn from someone else that is out there. Choose someone you like & trust. Choose someone you think is actually going to help you achieve what you want. Who has your best interests at heart. You have worked hard to learn the skills you have and to earn the resources you made. Choose one person to learn from and see it through until you are ready for the next level. Take the action and don't let any course collect dust on your shelf. And you will be well and truly on your way.


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Dan O'Rourke
Dentistry's Optimal Model Of Health Expert


Joy O'Rourke
Directof Of Administration