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"If That's You... Our Team Of Experts Will Work With You To Rediscover Your Practice And Help You Reach A Balanced And Meaningful Life

Ash Manuel, Growing With Gratitude

Dentistry's Optimal Model Of Health Allows You The Freedom To Learn From The Comfort Of Your Own Home Or Office

Learn From The Finest Experts In Their Field

These results are possible due to the willingness of the Power Of Online Marketing Students to:

  • Work hard on their business and give it the time it needed
  • Be coachable, listen to the advice & implement the strategies
  • Never give up even when they hit challenges
  • Be ready for change and sick & tired of where they were
  • Have a vision and that vision kept fuelling them
  • Were willing to embrace the new methods and not resist them

Meet Dan O'Rourke Dentistry's Optimal Model Of Health Expert

Here are more successful results from our Power Of Online Marketing Students....


“Sharnee’s coaching has been truly amazing in building my confidence and online presence. I am grateful for the all the direction & coaching has given me, to take the leap of faith, believe in my self, and grow my online presence” – Sarah Irwin


I feel I have my confidence back and that I can actually do it myself” – Lynn Ottawoe


“Sharnee’s coaching showed me step by step how to support my Partner in his business” – Danae Reed


Teaching the Medical Profession how to build an Online Brand at the International World Health Organisation.


Teaching Real Estate Agents how to market themselves differently from everyone else to attract more leads & sales.


Meeting amazing new people who have become my colleagues & friends at Business Masterminds


Thank you for a great and eye opening session. You are a great intuitive coach, very pleased with our sessions" Sukhvinder Singh


“I acknowledge you because I am learning so much from you. Things you don’t even know I am learning.” – Rohan Merry


“Sharns, I just can’t believe the difference you have made not only in my mindset but in actionable dialogue which has been beyond helpful. And all this in such a short period of time. Seriously my friend, you have a very special gift!! xxx” Rebecca Weatherill”


Meeting new people who have become colleagues & great friends at Business Masterminds


“Some people come into your life and give you guidance. Sharnee has done more than that, she really believes in her clients. It’s really empowering” – Liza Emanuele


Meeting new people who have become colleagues & great friends at Business Masterminds


I wouldn’t have all this in place so quickly without your help! It’s a real pleasure to work with you” – Toni Everard


Sharnee is a total gun when it comes to marketing & building online presences. She delivered service unlike any other we had ever received before in our business. But the main reason we wanted to keep working with Sharnee is she made me feel good about myself and she believed in me” – Sasha Hopkins


As a 30 year Industry IT veteran, I didn't expect to learn as much as I did” – Sharon Picken


"You have blown me away with the wealth of knowledge you have built and your eagerness to share it! An absolute blessing and pleasure to work with you beautiful lady… I look forward to more of it!" Nellie Barnett


"Sharnee has shown me exactly what to do and I have worked with all the guru's" Kevin Hodges


Sharnee, I loved our session’s together, you have really given me clarity over what my message is and what my offers could be and filling in that blueprint was incredible! Wow! What an amazing experience it’s been with my TEDx talk and thank-you from the bottom of my heart for helping me build my online presence in preparation for my TEDx talk!” – Katrina Webb


I just wanted to say THANKS! For your support, enthusiasm, loyalty, straightness, passion & aliveness. It’s not often you come across people that will put your needs and interests genuinely before their own so it’s rare that I found you! Thank-you for being interested in my life and telling me how it really is, not what I wanted to hear, and thanks for willing me to succeed and for inspiring me to move past my blocks” – Jack Haines


“I think I got “it” today a lot more. Thank you so much! This marketing approach is mindblowing. A lot to take in and think about. I genuinely appreciate and value the insights you are giving us” – Sam Young


“I am legally blind & I have done the best I can. Sharnee has opened up my mind to pathways I hadn't thought of” – Tim Haggis


“I learned how to charge my worth and have confidence in myself.” – Ash Manuel


Speaking on Social Media alongside other world experts at the World Health Organisation Summit


Working with my clients to build their online presence and having an amazing amount of fun in the process.


Working on my clients funnels to get them up & running.


Thank-You For Being Here.

Whether or not you learn from me. Or you learn from someone else that is out there. Choose someone you like & trust. Choose someone you think is actually going to help you achieve what you want. Who has your best interests at heart. You have worked hard to learn the skills you have and to earn the resources you made. Choose one person to learn from and see it through until you are ready for the next level. Take the action and don't let any course collect dust on your shelf. And you will be well and truly on your way.


""Honestly Having To Travel Continuously Effectively Put A Damper On My Schedule" - Dr. Arnold Rothman

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Daniel O'Rourke, CEO And Founder Of Dentistry's Optimal Model Of Health & Master Coach


Joy O'Rourke
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