How To Disrupt The Current Dental Structure And Reignite Your Passion For Dentistry

So You Can Reach Financial Freedom
And Live A Balanced Meaningful Life


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Dan O'Rourke
Chief Executive Officer


Joy O'Rourke
Director Of Administration

What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:

The Power Of The Optimal Model Of Health

How to create a blueprint for your practice & your life. Allowing you prosperity and a balanced life

Save Literally Thousands Of Dollars On Ineffective Marketing

How to create a practice that has patients coming to you and not you chasing new patients

The Importance Of separating Yourself From Your Competition

How to Stand Out In An Increasingly Competitive Space…And Create A Whole New Experience

Who Is This Webinar For?

Dentists' Who Are Tired Of The Current Dental Structure

Dentist's Who Feel The Pressures Of Student Debt

Dentist's Who Are Not Happy With The Constraints From Insurance Companies

Dentist's Who Want To Put The Patients Needs First Again


Dan O'Rourke, Chief Executive Officer

About The Speaker:

Dan O'Rourke has been involved in Dentistry for the past 40 years of his life. He has an incredible passion for the industry and has committed himself to elevating this great profession. Over his career Mr. O'Rourke has worked with many of the industry leaders, lecturing, giving hands on courses and publishing. Dan feels blessed that he has been mentored by instrumental figures in his life. He believes he has been given an incredible gift that needs to be shared with everyone in dentistry. Dan has spent the past two decades studying and teaching about health in dentistry. His passion in Dentistry’s Optimal Model and he wants dentists who comes in contact with him to be able to share in this gift and offer this life changing Dentistry.


Paul Sheils DDS


Cristin Lewis DDS

Dan is a total gun when it comes to understanding Dentistry's Model Of Health. He has been a wealth of knowledge and is always there to answer any questions I've had.

It's been a real pleasure having Dan as my instructor. His understanding of the health model has helped me build the practice of my dreams. He has, and continues to be a great mentor.